About Me

One of the earliest memories I have of making a book was in grade school. I don’t remember which grade it was but we were assigned to write a story. Mine was about me on an adventure of some kind. Then we illustrated it on plain paper pages that were folded and stitched down the middle with string. Finally, we took some material, mine was some decorated remnant from my Mom, and we wrapped and pasted it around the book to make a cover. I was very proud of that book because I made it myself.

Many years later, after trying to do photography and succeeding somewhat, I was asked if I was interested in working in the darkroom of a magazine start-up. The magazine was Bowhunter Magazine. After a while, the owners sold out for millions and I had to move on.

Numerous printing jobs followed, all across the country, to the point that I had done all the jobs associated with creating books; all of them except writing them.

Returning to college, I rolled my Bible & Theology classes from Taylor University into a Bachelors’ in General Studies at Indiana University. While there I added more to my photography and communications knowledge in addition to a general introduction to many different disciplines.

I completed my Master’s degree in Bible & Theology at Wheaton College, the home of Billy Graham. Taking classes in the Billy Graham Center gave me a real passion to help Christian authors self-publish their work and spread the “Good News” far and wide. It doesn’t do any good to keep those writings on a computer gathering digital dust. It needs to be shared and presented to others in the best light.  Hopefully, I can aid them in their ministries through this Web site and my ecourses.

As a side point, if you get the chance, visit the Wade Center on the campus of Wheaton College. There you can actually see the wardrobe C. S. Lewis wrote about along with other items from the collections of Tolkein, Williams, and other members of The Inklings.

I was then able to take doctoral courses in Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. Since this was at the time the best program of its kind in the country, I felt honored. But since I was more advanced in age then most of the other candidates, they discouraged me from working on a dissertation for a EdD. Instead, I took all the classes I could and as a by-product of those classes I learned Web Design. Using those skills, I worked with Web sites to this day. I was even able to create and teach a Web Design class at Bethel College.

Web work eventually led me back to publishing as I got contract work creating online content for Pearson Education. But after a couple of years, the contract ended and I began working on my own, creating information products for others.

Then, on a dare, I started to write some fiction. Getting my stuff self-published in a professional looking manner and for sale on Amazon was easy; for me. I had all the technical expertise I had gathered from years of work and education. But I soon realized most authors don’t have those skills. That is when I started to develop instructional materials focused on helping other authors self-publish their work in many different formats. I’ll be sharing those efforts with the followers of this Web site. I hope you will become one also.

Larry Slater