How to set up your Windows Firewall (Mini-Course)

A firewall is the front door to your computer from the Internet and your first line of defense against hackers. You need to set up your Windows firewall to determine what data gets out and what data gets in.

This mini-course will help you install the guard that will keep hackers out.

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“How to…” Boils Down to Simply “How”

What is the essence of instruction? We could debate that for hours. But the fact is, you still have to choose how to create your instructional materials.

Maybe the secret is, if there is a secret, is to simply focus on “How”.

Making Your Writing Sound Natural Using Text-to-Speech Software

If you want to make your writing sound natural, then the best way is to hear it read to you out-loud. Trying to do it yourself may suffice, for a while. But eventually you realize that hearing it from outside yourself makes it clearer and then you can concentrate only on the natural sounds of your wording.

But how do you do that?

In another article on this blog, I introduced a free program called Balabolka. It is a very nice, little text-to-speech program that uses your computer’s built-in voices to read text back to you. You can hear the text and immediately edit it to make it sound right. Repeat as often as you wish because the program never gets tired, unlike I do reading my own words. 😦

You can even export the audio file and send it as an email attachment. How about using it as an audio version of your blog articles?

Be creative and let this free software make you a better writer.