More Than PowerPoints

PowerPoints are not the only way to deliver information digitally. But we haven’t forgotten the tried and true method that been around for ages, only this time digitally. Of course, we could also publish them as Kindles and have Amazon distribute them for us. In fact, we could also publish them as paperbacks and again […]

30-Second Video

30-seconds is more than enough time to communicate what you need when you know how to truly educate. That is why we strongly recommend creating simple mini-vids that grab their attention and hold it with relevant information. And the small size cuts down on the production time and costs. A true win/win/win situation.

Comic Communication

Ever since illuminated manuscripts, illustrations have brought interest to text messages. At Slater Press, we use comics to communicate the message in a concise and captivating manner.  We then publish the comic into a number of convenient formats. We start with publishing it in PDF format so it can be viewed digitally as an eBook […]

Not Your Father’s eCourse

Sure, you’ve seen what people call an “e-course”, nothing more than a series of PowerPoints. But we can do better and we DO do better. We use “story” and truly engaging media that does more than simply entertain. Oh, and it can be viewed on any modern device.

Video Star

Video is by far the most captivating means of communicating your message. While we are not hesitant to use the latest technologies in our videos, we always try to make your message the center of the process. But whether we use avatars and 2D animation or simply repurpose your PowerPoints with live action video, we […]