Text-to-Speech Software Meets a Vain AI, Times 2

Can an AI have a personality?

After you begin to use some of the fantastic new text-to-speech software, you might begin to believe that they do. Especially when you use the new Amazon Polly program in connection with the equally fantastic Reallusion Crazytalk software.

And can it talk in different languages?


How to Read and Understand the King James Bible

Can anything be more obscure than the King James Bible? Written in 1611 in the native English of it’s day, it is hopelessly out of date with people reading it today. Or is it?

We can improve our understanding of our reading if we take some liberties with the text and make it more relevant to use today, just as they did back then.

How To Get a Safe, Secure and FREE WordPress Blog

  1. Introduction: Get a Safe, Secure and FREE WordPress Blog by Larry Slater – 0:36
  2. WordPress Tutorial: How to Set Up a Website in 5 Steps by Automattic – 3:35
  3. WordPress Tutorial: How to Set Up a Blog in 5 Steps by Automattic – 3:02
  4. WordPress Tutorial: How to Change Your Website Theme on WordPress.com by Automattic – 1:38
  5. How To Use A Domain for Forwarding To Another Website | GoDaddy Help by GoDaddy – 2:31