How to set up your Windows Firewall (Mini-Course)

A firewall is the front door to your computer from the Internet and your first line of defense against hackers. You need to set up your Windows firewall to determine what data gets out and what data gets in.

This mini-course will help you install the guard that will keep hackers out.

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Back It Up! Don’t Loose Your Data (Mini-Course)

From tax forms to family photos, the files on your computer are valuable. If you don’t want to lose them, back them up, and practice good computer security habits to protect yourself from hackers and viruses.

We have created our first mini-course, focusing on the need to back up your computer data and how best to do so.

We have hosted the mini-course at an external site so we could use all the latest technologies.

We hope you enjoy it. Leave us your comments!

Back It Up! Back up your computer data or risk losing it all.Click for more…